Ways to Help

There are a number of ways to help ADREAM serve our local communities! We are constantly in search of new ways for people just like you to be able to help no matter their interests, restrictions, or abilities. There are opportunities as simple as changing the URL you use to shop, donating your gently used pet supplies or food that your babies just wouldn’t eat, volunteering for events, and so much more!
Just take a look below at this app you can download on your phone and use anytime you’re going for a walk to generate funds!

Simply download the app on your phone, create a free account, select Animal Disaster Relief, Emergency Assistance and More, Inc. as your charity, and hit go! The app will run in the back ground while you walk the dogs, go for a stroll, run around the office, or even when you’re hunting Pokemon, Dinosaurs, or wizardry things! It really is that simple. And ResQwalk sends out quarterly checks from sponsors for charities who have miles logged during the sponsor period! You can even upload images to the app to chronicle your adventures! 🙂

Coming Soon!