Keita’s Kibble Shacks

Keita’s Kibble Shacks is a community outreach initiative of Keita’s Kitchen Pet Food Pantry. The purpose of this initiative is to bring pet food assistance into local communities around the clock. 
Through Keita’s Kitchen we have monthly scheduled food distribution events for those in need to apply for assistance and pick up food. Unfortunately, need does not always work on a schedule and families find themselves struggling to locate help between events. Keita’s Kibble Shacks are a step toward filling that void by setting up small pantries in various locations that will be accessible 24/7/365. This would allow anyone struggling to pick up a little food to hold them over until payday or the next Keita’s Kitchen Pet Food Pantry distribution event.
Keita’s Kibble Shacks will be a “take what you need, leave what you can” community initiative, allowing individuals to donate or get help without scrutiny.

We are working diligently to launch this initiative officially in the First Quarter of 2023. Be sure to check back here for Kibble Shack locations and additional information as it becomes available.

If you would be interested in becoming a Sponsor or Partner for this initiative please click the register button below.

Kibble Shack FAQs


  • Someone who helps cover the cost of construction and set up through the donation of money or supplies. Each Kibble Shack costs $100 to construct, without donated materials.
  • Sponsors willl have their name or logo added to any Kibble Shacks created from their sponsorship.


  • Someone who provides a location for a Kibble Shack to be established. The location should be outdoors so as to be accessible to those in need 24/7/365 and monitored periodically for restocking.
  • The partner would assist with restocking and contact ADREAM as needed for assistance with restock supplies.


  • Added to our Keita’s Kibble Shack dedicated website page with information on how each individual or business is helping bring this initiative to life.
  • Marketing on all of our social media.

Locations will be added below this FAQs section as they become available.
We are currently seeking locations in Catoosa, Murray, Walker, and Whitfield Counties in Georgia and Hamilton County in Tennessee.

Each Kibble Shack will initially be stocked with both wet and dry food for cats and dogs. Dry food will be under 10 pounds per bag/box due to Kibble Shack size restrictions.

Absolutely! You do not have to own a business to host a Kibble Shack, but you do have to have an outdoor location that is accessible to the public 24/7/365 for the Kibble Shack to be located.
If you would like to host a Kibble Shack please click the “Register” button above to complete the form as a “Partner”.

There are several ways you can still help. 
Sponsors do not host Kibble Shacks, instead they donate money or materials for the construction of new Kibble Shacks and the maintenance of existing ones.
You can also find a local Kibble Shack to help monitor and restock.

If you would like to Sponsor a Kibble Shack please click the “Register” button above to complete the form as a “Sponsor”.

Any outdoor location with 24/7/365 access to the public that can be monitored for restocking, damage, and general wear and tear.
They can be posted in the ground or placed in a base to be put on concrete/cement/asphalt/etc.