Waggin’ Tail Scavenger Hunt

It's time to get out your sleuthing hats!!

ADREAM is excited to announce our Waggin’ Tail Scavenger Hunt!!

This is a hybrid event so if you don’t live in the area, don’t worry. You can participate too! The event will run for six (6) days.

July 24th – July 28th = DIY Hunt – Clues will be posted below and participants will “hunt” on their own time wherever they live. Entries for each clue should be posted to social media following event guidelines.

June 29th = Event Finale – Participants can join in person or via live stream for the final clues and prize awards!
Anyone attending in person will also have an opportunity to have photos made by our wonderful photographer!

Monday through Friday will be DIY. Clues for this portion will be released at 12:01am EST on the first day of the event. They will be posted on this page, below the Event FAQs and Register! buttons. You will have until midnight on Friday of the event to submit your entries.
Saturday will be in-person or via live stream at ADREAM Headquarters from 10:00 AM till 2:00 PM and will conclude with prizes!

Registration for 2023 is now open!

Hunt Clues are posted below!

Below you will find the clues/riddles for the DIY portion of the event. The answer to each clue/riddle can be a place, thing, or person/creature. Once you solve the clue you need to get a picture of your pet, and you if possible, with the place/thing/creature and post it to your social media account you registered with. The photo should include the item or something from the place so we can tell where you are and that you’ve solved the riddle.

Don’t forget to use the hashtags included with each clue so you get credit for your submissions.

In a place of wonder and delight,
Creatures of all sizes, fluffy and bright.
Feathers, scales, and paws galore.
A treasure trove behind the door.

Furry friends and chirping birds,
Swimming fish, they make the words.
A magical realm where critters soar,
Show me, what is this special store?


With a squeak or a bounce, I come to play,
A loyal companion, night or day.
Chewed and tugged, yet I’m still intact,
A pet’s delight, a true favorite act.

Throw me far, watch them run,
A joyful game, oh so much fun.
In their paws, I find my glory,
Show me, friend, what am I in this story?


Amidst the city’s bustling beat,
A green oasis, a tranquil retreat.
Trees reach high, and flowers bloom,
A haven where pets chase and zoom.

Benches invite for a restful stay,
Picnics shared on a sunny day.
Swings and slides, laughter’s spark,
A joyful place to play and embark.

Community hub, events take flight,
Bringing smiles from morn till night.
In nature’s embrace, time to embark,
Now, dear wanderer, show us this park.


In corners cozy, I find my nook,
Softness and warmth, my favorite book.
Purring or wagging, dreams take flight,
A refuge for slumber, day or night.

Amidst the the cushions, I make my nest,
A haven of comfort, I feel truly blessed.
Blankets embrace me, snug and tight,
In this cherished spot, all feels right.

Where do I go to feel so blest?
Now, dear friend, show my place of rest.


With paws and whiskers, we’re quite a pair,
Together we play, a dynamic pair.
Chasing and running, side by side,
In each other’s company, we find our stride.

I wag my tail, they wiggle their nose,
Through ups and downs, our friendship grows.
A loyal companion, true and sincere,
They understand me, crystal clear.

Who is this pal, always at my side?
In joy and sorrow, we confide.


With wheels that spin, I hit the road,
An adventure beckons, a story to be told.
Through streets and lanes, I swiftly glide,
With windows down, I feel the outside.

I take you places, both near and far,
To mountains high or a sandy bar.
A journey cherished, memories made,
With loved ones beside, fears allayed.

From countryside views to city lights,
I’m a joyous escape, day or night.
What am I, a traveler’s pride?
Now, dear riddler, show us this ride.


This clue will be released during our live stream on Saturday, July 29!