Rene’ has loved to be around animals and work with them all of her life. Family has always been central to her life. So when her daughter, Dani, decided to start ADREAM, it only seemed natural to combine these two loves, family and animals, by lending her help and support. With 40 years of experience in education, Rene’ brings real people skills to the table. This has helped in the development of various events and activities hosted by ADREAM. Life experiences have given her a unique understanding of the issues people often face in their personal lives, and how much difference a helping hand can make. Throughout the growing pains inevitable in a new business she has endeavored to help find the answers needed to keep moving forward. Her belief in the value of this program to both individuals and the community as a whole is strong and unwavering. She hopes to see a time when help is not needed, but until then, is ready and willing to continue her support of this worthy cause.