Please use the form below to schedule an appointment for the distribution location most convenient to you. This form is for both existing clients and those wishing to apply for assistance for the first time (or those wishing to reapply). Please note – ALL appointments are set to start at the beginning of the event. This does NOT guarantee you a specific time to receive food. The appointments guarantee that we have enough food to serve all those registered.
If you are wanting to apply be sure to bring the following documents with you to the event. Photo ID, Proof of Income, and Proof of Residency. We are currently accepting applications from residents of Catoosa, Murray, Walker, and Whitfield Counties in Georgia. If you are a resident of one of these counties you may reserve a spot at whichever distribution site would work best for you.

Please check out the FAQ page if you have any additional questions.

Appointments must be reserved 24 hours in advance. In the case of an urgent situation please text (706)313-3924 to request an emergency reservation, if available.


**Effective 01/01/2021** We will be switching to this scheduling platform for all Keita’s Kitchen Pet Food Pantry distribution events. Please go ahead and start getting familiar with the process of scheduling an appointment for any event you wish to attend. This change will roll out in two phases.

  • Phase One will be completed by no later than 03/01/2021 and will cover switching ALL existing clients and new applicants over to required reservations.
  • Phase Two will be completed by 06/01/2021 and will cover switching ALL volunteers, staff, and clients using this same system for any and all ADREAM related events and activities.

**Effective 03/01/2021** We will only be able to guarantee assistance to individuals who have reserved a spot with this scheduler. Anyone attending a distribution event without an appointment will have to wait until the end of the event to see if any supplies are left over from missed appointments. This will apply to ALL distribution events and applies to both existing clients and new applicants.

Event Reservation Form

Step 1 – Select the location you would like to attend.

Step 2 – Select if you are an existing
client, new applicant, or volunteer

Step 3 – Select the date not colored out

Step 4 – Select the reservation start time
(please note – all reservations are
scheduled for the entire length of the
distribution event.)

Step 5 – Fill out your personal
information. Please be sure to complete
the information on your pets as well.

Step 6 – Check the box that says “I Agree” and click submit. You will receive an email confirmation of your reservation.