From a very young age Danielle (Dani) knew that working with animals was what she was meant to do. As a young girl and teenager she volunteered at local shelters and rescues taking every opportunity to work around animals of all kinds. In 2011 disaster struck home when a tornado devastated local communities. Dani wanted so desperately to help that she enlisted the help of her older brother and they initially joined up with chainsaw crews helping clear paths to families and individuals cut off from supplies and help. After several days she received an email from the local humane society where she volunteered calling for volunteers to man a donation drop off and distribution site for animals affected by the tornadoes. Dani immediately signed up for a shift and started helping with the site. Soon enough other volunteers stopped coming and the site was threatened with closure so she decided she would man it herself to allow people access to desperately needed supplies. During this experience she met volunteers, board members, and directors of various animal welfare organizations from all around the area. They asked her to join them in planning and collaborative meetings. Unsure of what role she was to play she agreed to participate in these meetings, where it was determined that long term assistance of this nature was needed for our area. The local organizations were worried that they would be unable to start a new such program due to staffing and funding. Dani’s role was clear. A new organization was needed to provide ongoing assistance to individuals with pets who were struggling to keep their pets at home with them and to provide disaster response not just in the event of another large scale disaster but to help with the day to day disasters any family or individual could face. So it was that ADREAM was founded in June 2011 to help try to fill these voids and promote collaboration between animal welfare organizations both big and small across city, county, and even state lines.